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New Christian Center/

New CCC Youth Center




We are located at 111 Loofborrow St.  Rushville, NE 69360.

Come join us to worship our Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth and partake of the New Wine with preaching by Dr. Jason Funk.  Children’s ministry during church.

Sunday service at 10:am

Reaching out to the World… Preaching to the Unsaved… Teaching the Saved to serve>

Dr. Jason Funk

Senior Pastor

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Romans 1:8-14

Romans is a work of God through Paul.  God is the reason we exist.  No one can come to the

Father unless the Father draws him.  By grace we have been saved..  We are created to have constant fellowship with God. God is rich in mercy.

Paul is always thankful.  Begins his letters with thankfulness.  He always gives glory to God

God is rich in mercy.  

Justification is in right standing with God the act of salvation

Sanctification - means set apart “Holy”. Process of being more like Jesus.

Glorification - That is when we are with Jesus.